Forest Hollow Swim Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run, private pool. Whether you want to swim laps, lounge in the shade, catch some rays, make new friends or cook out, Forest Hollow is the coolest way to spend your summer.

Join us! Forest Hollow Swim Club is accepting new members: Go to Registration to sign up.

Annual Dues

Each household pays a base rate and then an additional fee per each family member, up to five. Summer memberships (those who do not own shares) cost an additional $60.

Primary MemberAnnual Dues
Shareholder$ 310
Non-Shareholder$ 370
Base price above includes access to the pool for primary family member only.
Each additional family member (up to 5)$ 60
Swim Team$ 100 per swimmer
Inactive$ 85

Everyone listed as family members must reside in the same home. We can not accept registrations that have two households combined. To request club access for nannies, their information must be included in family registration and conform to the Club’s Nanny Policy.

Shareholders vs. Summer Memberships

To become a shareholder of FHSC you must obtain a pool share. Shares are available through the Club for $250 or from current members who wish to sell their share. Previous summer members may obtain a share from the Club for a reduced rate of $200. There is a maximum of 300 shares available–summer memberships fill any vacancies. If FHSC reaches the maximum number of shareholders, no summer memberships will be available. To ensure your membership, become a FHSC shareholder.

Our Membership Chair maintains a list of current members who wish to sell their share. The buyer and seller negotiate the price, which does not include annual dues.

Shareholders who do not wish to use the facility for a season are required to pay an annual inactive fee.

Family Members

All family members who wish to access the Club must be registered. Family means only those members of your permanent household, living at the same address. It does not include family living at a different address; they will be required to purchase a separate membership.

Gator Swim Team

All members of the Gator Swim Team must be active members of the Swim Club.

If you have questions about becoming a member
of Forest Hollow Swim Club please
contact us at



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