Early Bird Adult Workouts – Tuesday and Friday

Calling all early birds for adult swim workouts!

We offer adult swim workouts on Tuesday and Friday mornings!

If you are interested in getting a workout before you head to the office, or the kids get out of bed, we have a great opportunity for you!

Starting tomorrow we will offer bi-weekly adult workouts on Tuesday and Friday at 6:00 am.

Thanks to Hugh McGee for making this possible — if you have any questions about the program, and plan to attend, and have not already notified Hugh — please email Hugh McGee hmcgee724@gmail.com.

Swimmers must be members of FHSC, be 18 or older, and there is a $5 per swimmer fee to cover the expense of lifeguard. There is no long term commitment; this program is pay as you go, just bring $5 before you work out!

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